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Design can be one of the most effective tools for growing and competing in your marketplace. Used effectively it can generate trust and confidence in your brand and instantly reinforce credibility in the eyes of your potential customers.

Generate Leads on Any Device

Generating sales is the most important skill in business. Your website has the potential to be your best sales person and it can take visitors through 70%-100% of the sales process before they even get in touch. We use proven design principles to build websites that convert visitors into customers.

Why Hire Spark Connection?

6 Reasons to Choose us to Build Your New Business Website


Spark Connection is a professional marketing and design agency, NOT a design farm. All of our work is tailor made in-house to produce specific results. No outsourcing, no premade templates, no-nonsense.


The biggest contributor to design pricing is geography and staff. I run a cloud-based business that keeps Spark Connections monthly overhead at less than $500. This means you pay for skill and results – not office rent and salaries.


I’ll personally guide you step by step through the design process to ensure your website avoids all the major mistakes that make visitors go elsewhere. The end result is not just a website, it’s a platform to help you grow your business.


Almost all of our clients are business owners and they hire us to produce specific results. They understand that any old website won’t do, and that being competitive online is more important than ever. Business growth and success is at the core of everything we create.


We build on the WordPress content management system (CMS) using the Genesis Framework. This means your website will be easy to use and manage, easy and safe to update, mobile responsive, and SEO friendly.


I’m easy to contact. I answer email 7 days per week and I’m available over the phone or through video chat (Skype, FaceTime, Viber and Whatsapp) Monday to Friday.

Big or Small, We’re Here to Help

Small businesses need great websites just as much as big businesses. Whether you’re a brand new local business or a multinational corporation, your website plays a vital role in new customer acquisition. Your websites ability to gain your potential customers trust and confidence and direct them to the information they need to make a buying decision can play a huge role in whether to buy from/hire you.

Need an Exceptional Website?

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